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Crystal Lake return with yet another Hardstyle banger. As a follow up of their initial hit single "Chosen Ones", the duo take their style to new heights, bringing you a story behind "Together". Although situations in life can be difficult, there is always someone that has your back and will ultimately pull you through the darkness to overcome anything... Together. The video clip tells a story of a story much in line with this thought process. A group of friends that do everything together and each go through life together - when one of the group has an accident and requires all the love and optimism he can get to pull through these tough times. Enjoy the brand new Hardstyle hit and video clip with a story - this is Crystal Lake - Together.

VIDEOCLIP Directed by: Grzegorz Telenga

Cinematography: Krzysztof Wróbel

Edited by: Grzegorz Telenga and Krzysztof Wróbel



Like a ship without a sail

The current’s taking me away A myst, it covers like a veil Though I am here to stay Don’t wake me up This is just a dream This ain’t gonna last forever We’ll face our fears We got nowhere to run Let’s just ride it out together.


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